What Is Invisible Gamer?

Here at Invisible Gamer, we know the pain of pitching story after story to the big guys, only to be met with rejection (or worse – silence.) We know there are great writers out there with voices that deserve to be heard. We know games, and we know you do too.

So we want to hear from you. Got an idea for a story? Write it up and send it our way. If we like what we see, we’ll add you to our roster of regular writers and give you a place for your talents to shine. And if we don’t think you’re up to snuff, we’ll work with you to help you figure out what’s missing…but only if you want our help.

And hey – if you just want to use Invisible Gamer as a way to boost your resume  – great! We want to see you succeed, and if we can help you do that, we’ve done our jobs.

Who Is Invisible Gamer?

Michael Burns is the Founder and Executive Editor of Invisible Gamer and a contributor for sites like IGN and 1UP.  When he’s not obsessing over the minutiae of rare Famicom hardware variants, he’s perpetually moving to New York with his wife, dog and three birds. Follow him on Twitter @nvsblgamer.



Brien Bell is a freelance writer from Sacramento, CA, a gamer, Star Wars fanatic, and cooking show fiend. As a PlayStation and Star Wars devotee, he’s also contributed to PSNation.org and EUCantina.net. He’s also the managing editor for invisiblegamer.net, so chances are you’ll be working directly with him if you want to write for us. Follow his ranting and raving on Twitter @JamesTSkywalker.


millerEric R. Miller is a freelance video game journalist born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. Around the Invisible Gamer offices, he’s known as “Dead Sexy.” Between chasing platinum trophies and scouring the internet for gaming news, he occasionally finds time to produce awesome music, rides bikes, and shares what he calls his “wit and humor” on Twitter @Eric_R_Miller.


So now that we’ve established who we are, why not give us a shout at contact@invisiblegamer.net and tell us who you are?