Mother 3 is my favorite video game of all time, and it turns 10 years old today! I can’t overstate how important the game is to me, or how thrilled I am at the prospect of its rumored English language release; what I can say is it’s captured my heart like no other game before or since, and if you’ve yet to play it, you’re in for something truly, truly special.

In celebration of this momentous milestone—and in anticipation of an official announcement about the localization—I’ve put together a video essay detailing just why Mother 3 is so dear to me. Please enjoy!

Oh, and if you’re sensitive to spoilers, be warned: I will be discussing nearly every major plot point of Mother 3, from the opening chapter all the way to the very end.


  • SignusA

    Bravo, good sir. Very well done, and this made me appreciate the game even more.

    • Michael Burns

      Thanks so much!