Retro Weekend: Metroid Prime (A Tribute)

Welcome to another installment of Retro Weekend, the weekly feature where I play a classic game and write whatever I want about it! This week, I played Gamecube game, Metroid Prime, off of the Wii’s Metroid Trilogy Collection on my Wii U. Technology, right? Crazy. Playing Metroid Prime for the first time made me realize how crazy that whole series is. And also how awesome it is.

Metroid Prime is a 1st-person shooter I’ve never played before. Even if I did, it’s hard to really compare it to other shooters. The openness of the environments that Samus explores still feels different than anything popular shooters are known for. Even Destiny, with it’s wide expansive locations are still all about following waypoints. Metroid Prime, and the series is generally shines most when it gives all choice to the player. Metroid is about exploring these really desolate, somewhat creepy, alien worlds. It’s what people love about these games. Metroid Prime was a weird evolution that I never expected for the series, but it was the correct one. And with the lack of new games in the series, it’s hard to picture what’s next for Samus. But this is Retro Weekend! I’m not here to speculate about the future but to reminisce about the past. Playing Prime this week made me want to pay tribute to the series in some way. It’s special and deserves something a little different. So instead of the typical 1000+ words or so I write about games of yore, here’s a humble tribute to the bounty hunter I put together. Enjoy!