About a month ago, Spotify came to PlayStation 4 (and PlayStation 3) as part of a revamped PlayStation Music app. Beyond having all the music available on the music-streaming service, the app’s most notable functionality is its ability to run and play music while you play games. As such, it opens up the ability to create your own soundtrack for your games, if you don’t mind overriding dialogue or the in-game music. And so I’ve put together fitting Spotify playlists for some of PS4’s biggest and best games. Even if you don’t want to blast Queen while you’re playing Dragon Age: Inquisition because it messes with your concentration, check out the music anyways! I compiled the playlists due to thematic and musical similarities (and personal experience and taste), so the playlists might speak to you if you like the game it’s associated with.

Note: There will be at least one Weezer song in every playlist. It’s required of me due to the band’s incredible talent.

Child of Light


Child of Light is a whimsical, stylized fairy tale in video game form. The songs I’ve chosen for it, therefore, are fairly breezy, lighthearted affairs, although some have an undercurrent that represents the more frenetic or darker aspects of the game.

1. “Perth” by Bon Iver

2. “Mr Tembo” by Damon Albarn

3. “Grapevine Fires” by Death Cab for Cutie

4. “The Crane Wife 3” by The Decemberists

5. “Shadow People” by Dr. Dog

6. “Two Weeks” by Grizzly Bear

7. “Very Nervous and Love” by J Mascis

8. “King and Lionheart” by Of Monsters and Men

9. “Knives of Summertime” by Sparklehorse

10. “The Futurescope Trilogy: III. Return to Ithaka” by Weezer

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Don’t Starve


Don’t Starve, much like Child of Light, has a strange sort of lonely, fantastical atmosphere that permeates the entirety of the game. Unlike Child of Light, that loneliness is a lot more intimidating, bizarre, and threatening. The songs I picked blend innocence with menace.

1. “Breezeblocks” by alt-J

2. “Jesus” by Brand New

3. “Six Different Ways” by The Cure

4. “Are You What You Want to Be” by Foster the People

5. “How Long?” by How to Destroy Angels

6. “Alone Down There” by Modest Mouse

7. “Where Is My Mind?” by Pixies

8. “My Iron Lung” by Radiohead

9. “Caring Is Creepy” by The Shins

10. “Why Bother?” by Weezer

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Dragon Age: Inquisition


Dragon Age: Inquisition is undoubtedly one of the PS4’s biggest games. Its high fantasy setting, however, doesn’t necessarily lend itself well to a lot of contemporary music. Instead, I chose songs that fit the wide vistas of Inquisition’s world as well as the interpersonal relationships BioWare games are known for.

1. “The Only One” by The Black Keys

2. “For Tomorrow” by Blur

3. “In My Place” by Coldplay

4. “Rain King” by The Counting Crows

5. “Friends and Lovers” by Incubus

6. “The Day Is Coming” by My Morning Jacket

7. “Mustapha” by Queen

8. “Daedalus” by Thrice

9. “I Think I Smell a Rat” by The White Stripes

10. “Only in Dreams” by Weezer

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Dying Light


Dying Light is a first-person, open world zombie survival game that places an emphasis on parkour and melee weapons. So there’s a lot of fast, brutal action going on. I kept that in mind while picking the songs for this playlist.

1. “Beautiful Disaster” by 311

2. “When the Sun Goes Down” by Arctic Monkeys

3. “Helicopter” by Bloc Party

4. “Breakout” by Foo Fighters

5. “Take Me Out” by Franz Ferdinand

6. “3’s & 7’s” by Queens of the Stone Age

7. “I Come from the Water” by Toadies

8. “Keystone State Dude-Core” by The Wonder Years

9. “Heads Will Roll” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

10. “Dope Nose” by Weezer

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Infamous: Second Son


Infamous: Second Son’s protagonist, Delsin Rowe, has a lot of punk rock sensibilities. He vandalizes, he wears cool clothes, and he hates cops; at least, the kind that tries to lock up people with superpowers. This playlist is full of (you guessed it!) punk and other anti-establishment songs.

1. “Sabotage” by Beastie Boys

2. “New Direction” by Black Lips

3. “Romeo and Rebecca” by blink-182

4. “Clash City Rockers” by The Clash

5. “Control” by Garbage

6. “Fuck You” by Lily Allen

7. “Lounge Act” by Nirvana

8. “Calm Like a Bomb” by Rage Against the Machine

9. “Reptilia” by The Strokes

10. “I’ve Had It Up to Here” by Weezer

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Octodad: Dadliest Catch


Octodad: Dadliest Catch is just ridiculous. An octopus moonlighting as a human father, with a human wife and (even more strangely) human children? That’s the definition of ridiculous. Thankfully, there’s some pretty funny music out there to complement Octodad’s humor.

1. “The Shark Fighter!” by The Aquabats

2. “Rock Lobster” by The B-52’s

3. “If I Had $1,000,000” by Barenaked Ladies

4. “Uncontrollable Urge” by Devo

5. “You Don’t Have to Be a Prostitute” by Flight of the Conchords

6. “Rhinoceratops vs. Superpuma” by Ninja Sex Party

7. “Sunday Morning” by No Doubt

8. “Carried Away” by Passion Pit

9. “Burning Down the House” by Talking Heads

10. “Surf Wax America” by Weezer

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Saints Row: Gat out of Hell


Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, like Octodad, has a distinct humorous edge. Saints Row’s humor, however, is a little more morbid and satirical, and that aspect is only strengthened by Gat out of Hell being set in, well, Hell. That being said, there are some harder and hype-inducing songs in this playlist.

1. “One Way or Another” by Blondie

2. “Retro [Rough]” by Childish Gambino

3. “Bobby Brown Goes Down” by Frank Zappa

4. “Punch You in the Jeans” by The Lonely Island

5. “Give It Away” by Red Hot Chili Peppers

6. “Admit It Again” by Say Anything

7. “The Burden of Being Wonderful” by Steel Panther

8. “Lost in Hollywood” by System of a Down

9. “Throw Down” by Tenacious D

10. “Troublemaker” by Weezer

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Transistor has a spectacular soundtrack all its own, but its futuristic, melancholy theme screams for a majority electronic soundtrack.

1. “Chocolate Girl” by Animal Collective

2. “Since I Left You” by The Avalanches

3. “Kerosene” by Crystal Castles

4. “Digital Love” by Daft Punk

5. “You Are Alone” by The Flaming Lips

6. “On Melancholy Hill” by Gorillaz

7. “Meet Your Master” by Nine Inch Nails

8. “Seven Years” by The Rentals

9. “In My Home” by Young the Giant

10 “I Don’t Want to Let You Go” by Weezer

Click here for the playlist.

Watch Dogs


While the quality of Watch Dogs was in debate when it released in 2014, it certainly still stands as a very big game. The Chicago the game recreates is full of (many of the same) things to do, and like any good, car-driving open world game worth its salt, it features a sizable licensed soundtrack. If that soundtrack isn’t to your liking, however, check out this playlist next time you’re driving around Watch Dogs’ Chicago streets.

1. “Spiderhead” by Cage the Elephant

2. “We Used to Vacation” by Cold War Kids

3. “I Will Buy You a New Life” by Everclear

4. “Slash, Turn and Twist” by Jimmy Eat World

5. “North American Scum” by LCD Soundsystem

6. “Electric Feel” by MGMT

7. “1979” by Smashing Pumpkins

8. “Circular Karate Chop” by They Might Be Giants

9. “Thanks a Lot” by Third Eye Blind

10. “My Name Is Jonas” by Weezer

Click here for the playlist.

Wolfenstein: The New Order


Wolfenstein: The New Order is one of those games that very effectively evokes a time or place. It might be an alternate universe time or place, but the draw is strong nevertheless. This final playlist compiles songs that really evoke a time or place, especially ones more removed from here and now.

1. “Infected” by Bad Religion

2. “Not Fade Away” by The Crickets

3. “No World for Tomorrow” by Coheed and Cambria

4. “Oh! You Pretty Things” by David Bowie

5. “Welcome to the Working Week” by Elvis Costello

6. “All Along the Watchtower” by Jimi Hendrix

7. “Soul Kitchen” by The Doors

8. “Imagine” by John Lennon

9. “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now” by The Smiths

10. “Say It Ain’t So” by Weezer

Click here for the playlist.

So there you have it! Try listening to these songs with or without the game in front of you and see how they treat you. What songs or artists would really fit certain games? Let us know in the comments!

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    Do an article for older games too. It was just yesterday that I found a custom Playlist for music from the Gran Turismo franchise and played it over Driveclub 🙂