18.5 Million PS4 Units, 10.9 Million PS Plus Subscriptions Sold


18.5 million Playstation 4s have been sold worldwide, and 10.9 million people are now subscribed to PlayStation Plus.

A large amount of PS4s are selling incredibly quickly, but Microsoft’s Xbox One still managed to be the best-selling console in November 2014. Even at that point, however, 13.5 million PS4 units had been shipped.

In the past, Sony has made a point of stressing that its sales milestones indicate the number of consoles sold through to consumers. That may very well be the case here, but in any event, the holiday season seems to have been a very profitable one for Sony, as 4.1 million consoles were sold in that time.

The requirement of PS Plus for PS4 online play may account for the increase in subscriber numbers, but it’s also been known for a while now that the Instant Game Collection is an enticing value. Ultimately, Sony is on track to sell an incredible amount of PS4s within the console’s lifetime, perhaps even more than the wildly popular PlayStation 2.

Source: IGN