Awesome Games Done Quick 2015 Raises Est. $1.5 Million For Charity


Twice a year, Games Done Quick holds a weeklong marathon where speedrunners from around the globe play dozens of video games in an effort to raise money for charity. Awesome Games Done Quick 2015 was recently held from Janurary 4-11 and at the time of this writing, $1.3 million has been raised for the Prevent Cancer Foundation, with more donations still coming in after the event has finished.

Event director, Andrew Schroeder, has also said he’s received multiple messages that some donations were not tracked on their feed. Taking this bug into account, the estimated total of donations will be around $1.5 million, after the donations are counted manually. Awesome Games Done Quick 2014 raised just over $1 million last year.

Some of best moments of this past event included a one-handed run of Vanquish, a blind-folded run of all the child dungeons in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and one couple even got engaged live on camera during their speedrun!

Look forward to their next event, Summer Games Done Quick 2015 coming this July.

Source: Games Done Quick