Comic Workshop Given A July 17th Release Date in US



The 3DS might not be the preferred method to create digital art but it has some great programs available to test your inner artist. Come July 17th the 3DS eShop will be adding another digital art program to its artsenal in the form of Comic Workshop from Collavier Corp. Programs like Colors 3D and Art Academy were more akin to just giving you a blank slate to work with but Comic Workshop is, as the title suggests, more focused on comic art creation.

You can visit the official site for more info, but Comic Workshop doesn’t seems to be skimping at all on content. We’ll have to see at release but the game seems to feature all the tools, layers, panel layouts, color options and speech bubbles you would expect from a comic creation program. Before you know it, you might be creating a graphic novel of your own.

The promo images for Comic Workshop all seem to be focused on displaying Manga-style comics but I myself am going to use this for a wider range of comic styles. Are you as excited for this release as me or could you care less about using a 3DS for drawing purposes? Let us know in the comments and check back in a couple weeks for our review.