Cuphead Isn’t Even Out Yet, But It’s Going to Be a Trilogy


Cuphead, a traditionally animated side-scrolling action game, isn’t out yet, but according to developer Studio MDHR, there are already ideas to make it a part of a trilogy.

Cuphead, as mentioned, is traditionally animated. Literally. The two-brother team of Chad and Jared Moldenhauer are doing a very good job of making the game look like a Disney cartoon straight out of the ’30s, and that’s because everything is drawn and inked by hand.


The Moldenhauers have cited games like Contra as their gameplay inspiration, but Cuphead is very much focused on the boss battles. Almost entirely, as it appears so far, in addition to secrets and side-quests that may or may not manifest in the form of more bosses. As far as the trilogy goes, the Moldenhauers have explained the concept in a way much more akin to expansion packs or DLC that improve and take advantage of the original release’s groundwork rather than full-fledged sequels.

However, the game is apparently only 40% done with the art and development was started in 2010. Even with the help of a few collaborators, hat’s most likely because two guys are putting a lot  into this game while also working day jobs. In any event, the game is set to release in 2015, and it’s unclear in what shape or size additional material will be released, if at all.

Source: Kill Screen

  • Austin

    Probably one of my most anticipated games for 2015. Really interesting to hear they have ideas for a trilogy already.