Dance Central Spotlight Coming September 9th


Dance Central Spotlight will be arriving as a digital-only title for Xbox One on September 2nd for $10.

Originally announced during this year’s Xbox E3 event, Dance Central Spotlight takes a different approach to the series following the first two games. Instead of including a robust setlist within a retail release, Dance Central Spotlight only includes 10 songs up front. Some of these include “Royals” by Lorde and Pharrell Williams’ “Happy.”

Of course, DLC will fill in the gaps for those pleased with the base offering. 50 more songs will be available at launch, including “Love Shack” by The B-52’s and “Safe and Sound” by Capital Cities. Any extra songs purchased for other Dance Central games can also be downloaded onto your Xbox One for free.

Dance Central Spotlight will also include “an expanded Fitness Mode,” which makes sense: the Xbox One has certainly positioned itself as the most “active” of the three consoles this generation. A Gold membership currently gets you free accesss to the Xbox Fitness app.

This piecemeal approach to content is controversial in other genres, but it makes quite a bit of sense with a music game. Everyone has different tastes, so this should help to clear your game of any filler songs that previous iterations have included. If Rock Band ever returns, as hinted by a recent survey, I suspect it will take a similar approach.