Rumor: Dark Souls 3 To Be Announced At E3


It seems that Dark Souls 3 will be announced by Bandai Namco at this year’s E3, at least according to a source close to the project. Excitingly, the new title will allegedly be headed by Hidetaka Miyazaki.

This is a bit of a shock if true, considering developer From Software’s recent release of Bloodborne and its DLC announcement not too long ago. The game’s platform is to be determined, but the source alleged that it will be announced during Sony’s E3 conference.

Miyazaki was the creator/director of Demon’s and Dark Souls, and was a supervisor of Dark Souls 2. He did, however, oversee Bloodborne and its DLC and has apparently returned to head the development of Dark Souls 3.

Source: VG247

  • Austin Clark

    That’s what I call…Soulverload. A huh a huh a huh.