Details Revealed On Suda 51’s Let It Die

Goichi Suda and his new boss Kazuki Morishita of GungHo online entertainment brought the first set of details about their latest collaboration for the PS4, Let It Die.

Suda described the death system of the game. When a player dies, the information of the character, inventory included, will be uploaded to the Let It Die servers. When a different player starts the game, the information from the slain character will populate in the new game as an enemy.

“Players begin wearing nothing but underwear and a gas mask, and rely on looting in combat to improve their arsenal,” Suda explains. The game trailer at E3 focused on weapons, but Let It Die is a survival game at heart. There will be non-lethal items that will be necessary to stay alive, but Suda refused to explain any further.

Suda also confirmed the status bars in the trailer deal with players’ health. There will be some aspect of character creation and growth, with more details to be revealed at a later date. He also confirmed the trademark character, the skateboarding Grim Reaper, will make an appearance in the game. To keep the game in the GungHo portable game market, Suda finally revealed that there will also be a mobile app.

Source: IGN