Disney Infinity Now Free On Wii U eShop


So apparently Disney and Nintendo have found another way to sell more Disney Infinity figures. With this week’s eShop update Disney Infinity is now a free download to anyone with a Wii U. But alas, before you rush home to download the game remember that you do need a compatible Disney Infinity base and figure before the game is playable. A compatible base seems to retail for around $20 and each individual figure averages between $5 and $10.

Disney Infinity has already established itself as a success for Disney and giving away the game for free now is a great way to incite interest to a broader consumer base. But I see Disney Infinity as more of a long-term commitment and basically just one big DLC package instead of a solitary $50 game which definitely deters me from signing up. I would have never bought the game at full price but now offering it for free has at least piqued my interest with the choice of now investing in some toys — somehow I think I’ll save my allowance for Amiibo though.

So with the inevitable fully packed fall and holiday gaming lineup about to drop I don’t see myself taking advantage of this free deal at the moment.  But are you satisfied with the upcoming fall release calendar or do you see yourself taking the plunge with Disney Infinity now that it’s free on Wii U?



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