EA Mobile Hit By Layoffs


EA Mobile, which is based in the publisher’s Montreal wing, has been affected by a number of layoffs, and the division may be eliminated outright.

A source close to the studio told Gamasutra that the layoffs were going into effect, and speculated that it may signify that the entire EA Mobile studio will be closed.

EA, in a statement made to Gamasutra, said that the “staffing change” impacted “a small number of employees” in order to readjust “current development and service plans.” EA also assured that “these changes do not impact our current development plans” for EA Montreal.

EA Mobile has worked on mobile versions of many popular EA franchises, such as The Sims, Need for Speed, and FIFA. The larger studio at Montreal that EA Mobile is contained within has developed games like Need for Speed: Nitro and the Army of Two series.

Source: Gamasutra