Enemy Front Reviews Roundup

Invisible Gamer is a small site run by just a few people, so when a game slips through our own review cracks, we’ll let you know what others are saying about it. The latest game that we missed is CI Games’ Enemy Front, and it hasn’t been warmly received.

The World War 2 shooter aimed to revitalize a genre that many would rather have go the way of the dinosaur after the PS2/Xbox/GameCube era, but its problems appear to be less creative than they are technical.

In the OXM review, Chris Scullion said, “In war, you can breach a door, shoot an enemy six times in the face and he won’t flinch, before going on to kill you shortly afterwards.” He ultimately gave the game a 3/10.

These statements were echoed in the Den of Geek review, which said, “Overall, Enemy Front is clearly an unfinished product.” The review also questioned whether key developer Stuart Black’s exit from the project had an impact on its quality.

Eurogamer was even more scathing, saying “Enemy Front looks up at you like an emaciated puppy and you look back with a heavy heart, knowing you’re going to have to throw it in the river.”

So, what we’re saying is that you should totally buy Enemy Front because reviews don’t mean anything and you should just listen to Let’s Players…or something.


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