Evolve Features An Offline Mode


Evolve, the asymmetrical multiplayer shooter from Left 4 Dead creator Turtle Rock, will feature an offline option, the studio revealed today.

The “solo” mode will function in a similar manner to Left 4 Dead — it features the same game modes, but replaces players with bots. This mode allows you to swap between any Hunter on the fly, as opposed to the one playable character available in the online multiplayer mode.

“Rather than splitting our focus and crafting a different version of Evolve for solo, we focused on making sure that the solo game would stay true to what Evolve was always meant to be,” Turtle Rock’s Chris Ashton says.

This announcement comes after the “Evacuation” story reveal, which gave a closer look into the plot that ties Evolve’s universe together.

The “campaign multiplayer” idea that Titanfall popularized seems to be making its way into other shooters, but Turtle Rock has a good track record with making bot modes fun to play. The open beta for Xbox One starts next month, before the game’s official launch on February 10th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.