Evolve Reviews Roundup


Unless the stars align and Punxsutawney Phil goes back on his Groundhog Day prediction, the chance of Invisible Gamer getting out an Evolve review is pretty much 0%. However, the game has received some interesting praise as well as criticism from a few sites, and if we can’t give you a review, why not show you where to go to find one?

As Evolve is a primarily-online game, several websites — IGN and Game Informer among them — have chosen to hold off on giving a final verdict until the game can be tested in the “wild.” That being said, early reviews from the outlets that do have reviews up at embargo are quite impressive.

In The Escapist’s review, Ron Whitaker called Evolve “one of the most enjoyable co-op experiences I have had in a long time,” but also emphasized that the having a good time with the game is predicated on having a good team behind you. He awarded the game 4.5/5 stars.

GameSpot’s Kevin VanOrd praised Evolve’s bot system, which can fill in for unbalanced teams and can be used for offline “single-player” games. In his 8/10 review, VanOrd said, “there are few greater pleasures in Evolve than gulping down a fallen hunter as you would Shear’s grazing fauna.”

ShackNews’ Ozzie Mejia was slightly less positive, giving the game a 7/10 and criticizing its progression system and “clunky” shooting mechanics. “I can’t help but feel this package could have been something bigger,” he said.

Are you picking up Evolve tomorrow, or did the game’s DLC structure turn you away before you even saw reviews? Let us know in the comments!

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