Halo 5 Arrives October 27th: Check Out Two New Trailers


Last night, Microsoft revealed the release date for Halo 5: Guardians, and the announcement brought with it two trailers for the upcoming Xbox One shooter.

As shown below, the first trailer shows Master Chief giving a threatening, almost sinister speech to the downed Spartan Locke, who was previously seen in the massively disappointing digital series Halo: Nightfall as Agent Jameson Locke.

“You’ve completed your mission, Spartan Locke … mine is just beginning,” the Chief says to Locke as he raises a pistol to his head.

But it appears that there are two sides to this story! In a separate advertisement (both of these ran during last night’s episode of The Walking Dead), Locke is the one giving the menacing speech.

“All hail the conquering hero: the one who was supposed to save us all. But now I must save us … from you.”

If you’re confused, you’re supposed to be, but the “Hunt the Truth” teaser website, starring Keegan -Michael Key, can give you a little more insight, offering a weekly podcast that delves into the secret history of Master Chief.

How do you think this compares to previous Halo trailers? This one for Halo 3 is my personal favorite!