“Hunt The Truth” With New Halo 5 Teaser Site


If past Halo games are any indication, we can expect Microsoft to release Halo 5: Guardians this November, but the company has already started a new marketing campaign for the game leading into the summer and E3.

The new “Hunt the Truth” Tumblr includes an interactive teaser trailer, which allows you to go frame-by-frame to read the inscriptions on the side of a bullet.

But the real meat and potatoes of the site is the “Hunt the Truth” audio serious starring Keegan-Michael Key (or as you may know him, Jackmerius Tacktheritrix) as the war journalist Benjamin Giraud. The 12-part series chronicles Giraud’s investigation into Master Chief’s history.

“Who is the Master Chief, where does he come from, and is he keeping us safe?” Giraud asks. The next episode arrives this upcoming Sunday and will continue until E3.

This interactive, mysterious approach to game marketing can be a great way to separate a game from the pack; most recently we’ve seen it used for The Order: 1886. But Microsoft would be wise to have a solid payoff for the podcasts: I’m still peeved thinking about the “beware Sam Fisher” telephone line that Ubisoft used for Splinter Cell: Double Agent.