Indie-Friendly Nintendo Executive Goes Truly Indie


Dan Adelman, long-time indie promoter as Head of Digital Content and Development at Nintendo, has announced that he has left the company.

Adelman, who had worked to bring games like World of Goo, Cave Story, and BIT.TRIP to the Wii, announced the news via his Twitter account. Ironically, Adelman had been forbidden to tweet after discussing Nintendo’s censoring of religious themes and 3DS region-locking, and his account had been inactive since September of last year.

Adelman is now going fully independent, and plans to help indie developers on the business side of things. Even before Nintendo, Adelman had helped oversee the development of Xbox Live, and later, XBLA.

In an interview with Kotaku, the industry veteran revealed some more specifics about the reasons for his departure and details for his future. He made sure to mention that there are still those at Nintendo concerned with promoting great independent content, but it is a little disconcerting to see Nintendo’s traditional way of doing business preventing honesty and candid conversations from happening. In any event, if you want to keep up with Dan Adelman’s future endeavors, following his Twitter account @Dan_Adelman┬ámay be a good idea.