Look Out Minecraft, LEGO Worlds Is Here

Tt Games has been making LEGO games for over a decade now, but today is the day we all get to play the LEGO game we’ve all wanted since day one. Announced today and available on Steam Early Access is LEGO Worlds, a game that may just give Minecraft a run for its money.

Lately, LEGO games have been fairly focused and linear experiences, with each game revolving around a particular franchise. Sadly, I’ve felt those games always were lacking in terms of letting players use their imagination with the toy. LEGO Worlds seems to change that.

In the launch trailer shown above, you’ll see that the game has definitely taken a cue from Minecraft in letting players out on their own. LEGO Worlds places players in procedurally generated worlds in which you can alter and create your own world, or simply roam and discover new characters and items straight from the LEGO toys.

No release date has been given yet, but with this Early Access version, LEGO Jurassic Park, and LEGO Dimensions all releasing in 2015, it’s going to be hard to ignore those bricks this year.



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