Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Confirmed, And It’s Not A Sequel


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst has been officially confirmed and will not be a direct sequel, according to Sara Jansson, the senior producer of the game at DICE.

Jansson made the statement on the game’s official website this morning. She confirmed the Catalyst title and assured readers that a lot of work has been put into the project, also stating that the game isn’t a sequel, but more of a “vision that honors the first game.”

Jansson would continue to say, “by this time next week you will have seen more of the game at E3.” It appears we’ll finally be seeing more of the game since its original announcement at E3 2013.

DICE made the original Mirror’s Edge, which had a unique new take on first-person gameplay and style. The studio is also currently developing the new Star Wars Battlefront.

Battlefront was announced alongside what is now Mirror’s Edge Catalyst at E3 2013. It will be interesting to see what DICE has in store for us this year.