New 1TB Xbox One Revealed, 500GB Model Price Decreased Permanently To $349


Microsoft has revealed a new 1TB Xbox One model in addition to permanently reducing the price of the 500GB console to $349.

The 1TB Xbox One looks like the original model (with a matte finish), but it will ship, of course, with increased storage capacity and the redesigned Xbox One controller. The new controller features a 3.5mm stereo jack, improved sound output and input, and “fine-tuned” bumpers “for more consistent performance,” according to an Xbox Wire post by Major Nelson.

The 1TB Xbox One will be bundled with Halo: The Master Chief Collection “in select regions and for a limited time.” It will run for $399.

Microsoft has also finally clarified the nature of $349 price the Kinect-less Xbox One has been running at for some time now. The price drop went into effect temporarily for the holiday season last year, and was reversed even more temporarily in January.

Since that week of being $400, the console’s been at $349 as part of a “new promotion,” but it’s reassuring to see a definitive price point for the original model of the console. The new model, however, at $50 more, may just be worth it for twice the storage space.