New Details On The Mysterious Get Even


New information has been revealed about Get Even, the upcoming detective-shooter hybrid from Polish developer The Farm 51.

Through Xbox Wire, we know that the game “blurs the line between CG rendering and live action.” Lead designer Kamil BilczyƄski says that the game will have players questioning reality while “reliving memories, altering them, and getting clues that eventually help you solve the game’s many mysteries.”

The game uses a mechanic similar to the detective mode in Arkham Origins, letting you relive past crimes to see how a person died, and who exactly he or she was before getting a bullet in the face.

But the most innovative aspect of Get Even might be its two separate campaigns, which take place on “both sides of the same battle,” and enemies you face in your campaign could be players on the other side. Hopefully this will be a little more fleshed out than the similar-sounding Titanfall campaign, but this isn’t being touted as a multiplayer-first experience.

Get Even got a teaser trailer back in January that, according to the developer, contains “few live-action shots,” and uses a cutting-edge scanning technology to create photorealistic environments.

That’s all well and good, but The Farm 51’s track record isn’t exactly promising. None of their games have scored above a 64 on Metacritic, currently holding an average of 52. Still, if it pulls its ambitious goals off, Get Even could be really special. It’s scheduled to arrive next year.

Source: Xbox Wire