Nintendo Direct: Remaining Moon Chronicles Episodes Launching Concurrently in January

A ton of exciting eShop news was revealed during this morning’s Nintendo Direct, and though it was overshadowed a bit by all the first party announcements, I didn’t want to end my day without reporting that 3DS owners will soon be able to complete the story of Major Kane in Renegade Kid’s Moon Chronicles. All remaining chapters of the episodic adventure will be released concurrently on the eShop this month (exact date TBD), either as standalone episodes priced at $4.50 each, or as a season pass that costs $9 for all three episodes.


As I discussed in my review, Moon Chronicles — a remake of the developer’s cult DS classic Moon — is a bit of a slow burn, and the first episode suffered a bit simply for being over before it really got started. But like all good sci-fi, it picks up considerably once it gets going. Personally, I can’t wait to dive back in.