Over-The-Air TV Tuner Announced For Xbox One


The Xbox One has given cable and satellite subscribers a personalized way to watch television since its launch in 2013, but today Microsoft announced a product that can bring the TV functionality into even more homes: an over-the-air tuner.

Members of the Xbox One preview program can now access broadcast television on their system (that’s networks like CBS, ABC, and NBC) by purchasing an HDTV antenna and the Hauppauge WinTV-955Q tuner. The company also says a lower-cost, Xbox One-specific Hauppauge tuner will be out “in the next few months.”

The broadcast channels can be paused, snapped, and voice-controlled just as cable channels can, and you can also stream shows to your mobile device through SmartGlass.

Last month, Sling TV launched on Xbox One, bringing channels like ESPN and AMC to Sling TV subscribers for $20 per month. Extra channels, such as HBO, can be added on for an additional monthly cost.

Although Microsoft has downplayed the Xbox One’s TV features in favor of games over the past year (as it should), the console is quickly becoming an alternative to a cable box if you subscribe to Netflix and Sling TV. As someone without cable, it’s certainly looking more appealing. Now add local sports packages so I can watch baseball!