PlayStation Plus Games For February Announced


After Xbox’s Games With Gold for February were announced yesterday, Sony has revealed what PlayStation Plus subscribers should expect next month.

PlayStation 4 owners should be getting used to free indie games by now, but next month’s offerings are a little bit more exciting. First up is Transistor, the action-RPG from Bastion developer Supergiant Games that Austin named his favorite game of 2014! Also free is Apotheon, a Greek-inspired 2D action-RPG — it will be free for PlayStation Plus members as soon as it releases on February 3rd.

PlayStation 3 owners get a bit of a mixed bag next month. Last February’s Thief reboot will be available, as will Yakuza 4. This comes off of December’s announcement that Yakuza 5 will finally make its way to the West this year.

Vita owners get a few gems next month, as well. Kick & Fennick, a 2.5D action sidescroller will be making its way to the system, free for Plus members at release, while “Rogue-lite” Rogue Legacy will be free for not only PlayStation Vita, but PS3 and PS4, as well. And yes, the game supports cross-save.

Microsoft really dropped the ball for February, but PlayStation Plus has started 2015 with two very solid months. Hopefully it’s a trend that continues for the whole year.

  • Austin

    This is a pretty fantastic month if you’re someone (like me) who still plays all three Sony consoles. Yes, Transistor was my 2014 GOTY so there’s that, but Rogue Legacy is amazing and addictive and perfect for the handheld. Then there’s Yakuza 4 – which I don’t think hit the highs of Yakuza 3, but nonetheless is – a wacky, Japanese, mobster game that more people should experience. Hell, before the insane announcement that Yakuza 5 was actually going to be localized in the US, it’s been the ONLY game I’ve ever imported. Because the series is just that fun.