PlayStation TV Arrives October 14th


PlayStation TV, Sony’s foray into the low-cost console space known in other regions as the PlayStation Vita TV, will arrive in North America on October 14th, the company announced today.

The standard edition of the system will retail for $100, while the bundle — which includes an 8GB card, controller, and copy of The LEGO Movie Videogame — will cost $140.

The announcement boasts that there will be “nearly 700 games to play” on the PlayStation TV at launch, including “select titles from PS Vita” (in other words, ones that don’t require Vita-specific features to function), PlayStation Classics, and PlayStation 3 games via the PlayStation Now service. PlayStation 4 games can also be played using Remote Play, just as they can on the PlayStation Vita.

Of the 700 or so games available for the system, around 140 of them are actual Vita titles, but Sony’s choice to rename the device the “PlayStation TV” shows a commitment to making it a platform for other streaming services at a cheap price. Its super small size also positions it as an option for a secondary console to allow for remote playing in another room.

Will you be buying a PlayStation TV, and what will be its main function for you? Let us know in the comments!

  • DJ

    I won’t be buying a PS TV, because I have PS4 and Vita. So the only thing the PS TV would provide is remote playing in another room, as you mention.

    • Michael Burns

      I kind of love the idea of playing some of the great Vita and PSP exclusives on a TV, but then, the PSP could do that without having to buy a second PSP that ONLY worked on a TV. So yeah, I’ll probably be skipping this too.