Rare Composer Calls 2015 “Huge Year” For Studio


Robin Beanland, Rare’s composer, has teased a “huge year” for the development studio.

In a tweet directed at a fan, Beanland not only stated that 2015 would be eventful for Rare, but also attached an image of a few musical notes.

Beanland has worked for Rare since contributing to the music of Donkey Kong Country. Between then and now, he has also composed for Killer Instinct, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, and, most recently, the Kinect Sports series.

Fans of classic Rare games have been clamoring for a more traditional project from the company for some time. In November 2014, Phil Spencer tweeted that Rare was “building a uniquely Rare game, as it should be.” With Beanland and Spencer’s comments in mind, those clamoring fans may get what they want this year.

Source: GameSpot