Retro-Bit Introduces Three-in-One Game Boy Clone ‘Super Retro Boy’

Retro-Bit, maker of popular clone consoles like the Super Retro Trio, Retro Duo Portable, and Retro-Bit Generations, have debuted their latest retro-inspired creation at CES 2017: the Super Retro Boy. A three-in-one Game Boy clone that purportedly plays all Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games, the system apes the brick-like form factor of Nintendo’s original DMG-001 Game Boy, but includes several modern features designed to make it an attractive alternative for retro gamers looking for a way to play their portable cartridges:

  • A 10-hour plus, USB-chargeable lithium battery
  • A high-resolution TFT LCD display covered with scratch and shatter-resistant Gorilla Glass
  • Two speakers for stereo or dual mono audio

Image courtesy Retro-Bit on Instagram

The system is due out for $79.99 in August 2017, and includes a free 10-in-1 multi-game cartridge. The contents of the multi-cart haven’t yet been confirmed, but given Retro-Bit’s other big CES 2017 announcement—a deal to manufacture official multicarts of Jaleco’s NES, Game Boy, and Super Nintendo lineup—it’s very likely the included cartridge is Retro-Bit’s own Jaleco Super Retro 10 in 1, which includes the following classic games:

  • Avenging Spirit
  • Banishing Racer
  • Bases Loaded
  • Battle Unit Zeoth
  • Fortified Zone
  • Hero Pinball Party
  • Ikari No Yousai 2
  • Maru’s Mission
  • Rodland
  • Soldam

Take a quick look at the system in action, via Retro-Bit’s Twitter account. Will you be getting one?

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