Rock Band 4 Coming To PS4 And Xbox One This Year


Developer Harmonix Music Systems has announced that the rumored Rock Band 4 will be releasing on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2015.

It is still unclear whether or not the old plastic instruments (excluding the unsupported keyboard) will be compatible with Rock Band 4, as both the PS4 and Xbox One have different wireless controller communication processes. Harmonix is “confident that we’ll be able to find workable solutions” and is in talks with Microsoft and Sony.

Purchased DLC songs from previous Rock Band games will carry over to the respective new generation console; Xbox 360 songs can be transferred to the Xbox One and PlayStation 3 tracks can make their way to PS4. However, Rock Band 3 on-disc songs will not be included in Rock Band 4, at least until Harmonix can work out some licensing issues.

Rock Band 4 will become a platform, according to Harmonix, and the developer has no plans to push out yearly sequels. Rock Band 4 will see feature updates and new songs over the course of the generation.

Source: IGN