Win a Free Copy of SteamWorld Dig for PSN!

swdtitle When SteamWorld Dig: A Fistful of Dirt launched on the 3DS eShop last year, it blew pretty much everyone away with its cyber/western/retro flavored mashup of Dig Dug and Metroidvania. Reviewers had a ton of fun with the game – IGN named it the Best 3DS platformer of 2013 (go read my review!) – but we also had fun working silly/obligatory puns into our reviews like “Dig It” and “Dig Deep.” Now SteamWorld Dig is about to launch on PSN, and to celebrate, we’re giving away 3 North American download codes courtesy of developer Image & Form Games!

To enter, all you have to do is reply to this post with your best attempt at a SteamWorld-related pun, then sign it with your Twitter handle (you have to be on Twitter!) and follow @nvsblgamer and @ImageForm. We’ll pick three of the punniest comments below and DM you a free copy of the game to play on your PS4/Vita (cross buy, baby!) once the  North American PSN update goes live later today, March 18th.

Check out our official contest rules… no cheating! The contest will be closed at 5PM EST, or once we’ve received three eligible responses. Winners will be contacted this evening via Twitter DM once we’ve made our selections!

  • Michael Burns

    Let the punning begin!

  • Kenny G

    This game really buried the platforming competition on 3DS last year. Phew, I really had to dig deep for that pun.


  • Marcos R

    Man, I feel like I gotta dig pretty deep into my head to unearth something good, as rusty and cranky as my brains may be… This might end up picking and axing away at my self-steam.


  • Devin

    I’m having a hard time coming up with a reply, but I’ll dig up something rock solid that will make the game mine!


  • Davey Jaafari

    I keep digging my brain for something clever, but just end up with a fistful of dirt. All kidding aside though, SteamWorld Dig really is a diamond in the rough.

  • Plamen Peev

    I would eat a fistful of dirt just to get my hands on SteamWorld Dig.


  • Eugene Sax

    The puns are starting to pick up steam, let’s hope they don’t dig themselves into a world we can’t come back from.


  • Vincent Ward

    Once I heard the dirt about this contest, I just had to pick up a spot. I would say anything to get this awesome title, because it’s a gem of a title. I actually feel a bit dirty entering, because I’m so bad with puns… But hey, at least I dug up some of the best I can think of!

    • Michael Burns

      Hey Vincent, don’t forget your Twitter handle!

  • Vincent Ward

    Oops! My Twitter handle is @Vward98

    Should’ve paid more attention, otherwise my entry would’ve just been a pile of dirt!

  • Chris

    Steamworld Dig. It’s a well of a good time!

  • Chris


  • Seth

    Now forgive me if my memory is a bit rusty but I think I remember reading only gems about this game when it released not to mention how much it steam-jumped the competition? I’d love to give this game a try on the big screen and be able to call it mine.

    • Michael Burns

      Seth, what’s your Twitter handle?

  • http://@RoboticBiscuit Don

    I would really dig a code, but before you pick me, I need to axe you one question: Can a world so full of steam, not stay dirty but get clean?

  • Seth

    Oops! Totally forgot my pickaxe hand-I mean, Twitter handle. @sssetz

  • Mark Litzinger (@keklar)

    I’ve got my engines churning along to try to win this game! I think I can PICK the right words to do the best. ORE maybe not. Either way, trying to write this has helped me to let off some steam. Just hope no one deserts me in this time of need!


    • Mark Litzinger (@keklar)

      Oh, and I hope having so many puns at once is not grounds for dismissal…

      • Michael Burns

        everyone’s doing it, so why shouldn’t you? 😉

  • Honey

    The puns here are GOLD! Really diggin’ them 😉 I can’t wait to play SWD on the Vita and let off some steam

  • Lou

    I don’t want to take a dig at the game, but how deep can a game about tunneling robots be?

    …I’m just gonna let myself out.

  • Justin O’Neil

    If I don’t win this game I hope whoever does digs and digs and digs plenty of holes between me and them because I’m going to be steaming mad!


  • Nick Kosmides

    If Steamworld Dig were a lady, she’d be too hot to trot.