Uncharted 4 Will Have Multiplayer

uncharted 4 featured image

Naughty Dog’s upcoming title Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End will be receiving a multiplayer mode.

Set several years after the previous game, Nathan Drake sets out yet again on another adventure that is both costly on himself and his loved ones. The familiar treasure hunter is also joined by new characters for quite possibly his last adventure.

Back in 2013, there were small teasers for the upcoming game and, at E3 2014, Uncharted 4 was officially announced with a teaser video. This title definitely seems to be influenced by the success brought on from The Last of Us, so the developer decided to shine the light on the classic PlayStation exclusive game series once again.

Now another Uncharted game will be making its way to the PS4 this year. With the new multiplayer, we will probably see some of the same mechanics that we saw in Uncharted 3, but enhanced with a next-gen platform. We will also likely see many more players trying out the multiplayer, given the recent rise in popularity for anything with online play and the relative success of the competitive modes of The Last of Us.

Source: GameSpot