Wii U Interest Increases Significantly Post-E3


A survey done by IHS and Gamer Network has found that purchasing intent for the Wii U has increased by fifty percent after E3, and revealed some other interesting statistics.

About one thousand “core gamers” were asked about their plans for future console purchases before and after E3, and apparently Nintendo’s showing was strong enough, at least for this group surveyed. Additionally, Xbox One purchasing intent saw a slight shift up by seven percent, and PlayStation 4’s surprisingly shot down by thirty percent.


PlayStation 4’s sales lead may have been able to account for this, but this survey took into account intent before and after E3, which would imply something was lacking at Sony’s E3 press conference for the gamers surveyed.

Still, the said gamers surveyed are but a small part of the consumer base for these machines, even if they are possibly some of the most knowledgeable. It will be interesting to see the consoles’ sales trajectories in the holiday months.

Source: GamesIndustry.biz