Xbox One Is $349 Again In “New Promotion”

The Xbox One $349 price drop that went into effect for the holiday season has been brought back again as a “new promotion.”

An Xbox Wire article that “looks ahead to 2015” dropped the news. The holiday popularity of the Xbox One, which made the console the best-selling one in the U.S. in November and December of 2014, was cited as a reason for maintaining the lower price.

The “promotion” begins once again tomorrow, January 16, after it ended on January 3. No reference was made to any kind of recompense for those that purchased the console in the time between January 3 and January 16.

The price drop may be coming back due to the success of the Xbox One during the past two months, making it a more recent decision. Still, it’s a little unfortunate and strange that there was such a brief period during which the console was back to $399, a period in which people presumably purchased the console.