Fantasy Life Diaries: First Day in the Big City

Well, diary, it’s my first day in Reveria, and already, it’s off to an inauspicious start.

I never did learn how to handle the whole “new places” thing all that gracefully, and even though I managed to find myself a decent place to shack up for the night, I definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. The hard, wooden, bottom side, that is. I fell out of the bed, is what I’m saying. Bad dreams, I guess. Not that the mattress is a whole lot better than the floor, but I’m not complaining. It was free, and that’s definitely in my budget.

Once I’d figured out the proper orientation of my feet in relation to my head, I made my way outside and downstairs to figure out what in the heck I was gonna do in my new life. Castele’s nothing like the last place I lived, with its sprawling market districts, central square, and surrounding “attractions” — mostly a couple of farms, a stable, and an honest-to-goodness castle up north — but the biggest change for me is the complete lack of talking, bipedal animals ready to bow down to my every whim. In fact, the people in this town couldn’t give a hoot what I do, or where I do it. Going from being the mayor in a river town like Slope to being just another nameless face in the big city… well, it’s tough, make no mistake.


I had a little chat this morning with Pam, the overly friendly, overfed proprietress of the house I’m staying in. Actually, maybe I should say she had a chat with me. She kept going on and on about a Life license or something like that… pointed me to the Castele Guild Office just across the square, over yonder. Suggested I “git on over there right quick.” Said it was for my own good. “No Life, no life”… that’s a thing they say here, I guess. Oh, and she handed me a letter from the King, welcoming  me to town and requesting my presence once I’d gotten sorted at the Guild Office. They certainly do stand on ceremony here.


Sorry to keep you waiting, diary, but I have some news: I got a job. Or, a Life, as they call it here. “Get a Life!”, they proclaimed, and then proceeded to bombard me with more choices than I could possibly count. Well, okay, actually, it was 10. Maybe 12. 12. They ran the gamut from the typical (mercenary) to the expected (miner, angler) to the “FAB!” I went with the latter, because… well, I’ve always wanted to really give back to the people in a way that they’d never forget. Anyway, I met the King today — he’s like, a baby with a scepter and a wife and daughter, or something… apparently it’s some big mystery and he’s actually really a full-grown guy on the inside. But I didn’t have time to worry about that because I had work to do today. And boy, did I work… check me out, diary: you’re looking at Castele’s newest apprentice tailor!

(Also, I found a camera.)

It was a long day, but not because I hated it or anything… I just did a lot of running around today, trying to find the right materials to make outfits that my new neighbors would never forget. And now I’m beat. Also, this pair of jerks tried to shake me down for some Dosh but all I had was a lint-covered piece of candy, which of course they swiped right quick. If it happens again, I might just have  to consider a new career… blacksmith sounds pretty tough, right? Who’d rob a blacksmith?

Anyway, check me out:


If a baby can be a king, then a kid can have a sweet mustache.



I know, I know, but sewing apparently comes naturally to me! Crazy, right?


I got a dog! His name is Rebbie and he pretty much follows me everywhere, even to work. I decided to take a little excursion out into the fields today to, er, look for some animal hide (by which I mean, I killed some wolves and skinned ’em to make pants), and the stupid dog, he went right up to these giant lizard things that started attacking me. Held his own, for sure, but you know what, he keeled over at one point and I thought he was a goner for sure. Popped right back up on his feet when I scratched behind his ears, though! A real keeper, that Rebbie.

Me and Rebbie on a picnic!

Me and Rebbie on a picnic!


Well, this happened today. I think it’s time to find a new place to live.


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