Liberation Maiden @IGN, plus some exciting site announcements

Happy Halloween! To celebrate, we’ve got some more IGN-exclusive content written by your favorite Executive Editor at Invisible Gamer:

Liberation Maiden: Fast, Loud, and Clumsy, Like Rock & Roll!

In other equally awesome news, I’d like to congratulate Brien Bell, who’s been promoted to Managing Editor of Invisible Gamer, and welcome Eric R. Miller, who will be joining the ranks of Invisible Gamer with some new content that’s so awesome I don’t even know what it is yet! Seriously!

Brien, congrats, and Eric, we can’t wait to see what you’ve got!

p.s. if anyone can name the game character depicted in this pumpkin I carved, you win a cookie!

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Michael Burns is the Founder and Executive Editor of Invisible Gamer. Between custodianship of this site and contributing work for sites like IGN and 1UP, he spends entirely too much time thinking about video games – especially old ones. A migrant to New York City from northern California, Michael can often be found under a tree in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, thinking "big thoughts" and generally just loving life. Find him elsewhere on the web at the links below.