Classic Game Club: Jet Set Radio – Super Brothers

Welcome to the sixth episode of Classic Game Club, our (hopefully) monthly podcast about games that we think are just the bee’s knees. In this latest installment, Austin Clark takes over hosting duties as he leads the discussion with Tristan Ettleman and special guest Jay Berry on why Jet Set Radio is a classic.


In this episode, we discuss the style and culture Jet Set Radio represents, and what we hope from the series in the future. If you’re just now stumbling upon Classic Game Club, why not check out our previous episodes, starting with episode 1 right here!

You can listen to the show via the embedded player below, download it and load it to your media player of choice by right-clicking here and choosing “save link as…”, or simply add it to your podcast app by subscribing to our RSS feed right here!

About The Author

Tristan likes to think he's funny, write about games, listen to music, and write in the third person. You can follow his late-night ramblings on Twitter @ettletodd.