Classic Game Club: Mother 3, Part 2 – Jazz, Facebook Moms, and Bad Touching

The odds of Nintendo localizing Earthbound sequel Mother 3 for the West grow longer and longer every year, but thanks to the work of a talented and dedicated group of fans led by translator Clyde Mandalin (a.k.a. “Mato”), Mother 3 has actually been playable in English for more than half a decade. And darnit, we’re not getting any younger waiting on an official release.


In this second installment of Invisible Gamer’s Classic Game Club podcast — where we play through some of our all time favorite games together and share our thoughts and experiences while listening to music from the game — we cover chapters four and five of Mother 3. If you haven’t played the game yet, I highly recommend you STOP what you’re doing and get on that before listening. We’re heading straight into spoiler territory here, and we’ll be discussing EVERYTHING that has happened so far. If you have played the game and are interested in our discussion, start with part 1, which you can find here.

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And yes… we know it’s “Hypno-Pendulum,” not “Hypno-Mask.” Whoops!