The winter holidays are a time of joy, togetherness, and reflection. And also video games. Lots of video games. Join Austin, Seth and I as we reminisce on days gone by, and share some of the best music from the games we’ve played throughout the years that remind us of the two most important things in life: family and friends.

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Track listing (with timestamps) for this episode:

1. “Cool, Cool Mountain” from Super Mario 64 by Koji Kondo (3:45)
2. “Freezeezy Peak” from Banjo Kazooie by Grant Kirkhope (13:07)
3. “Sherbet Land” from Mario Kart 64 by Kenta Nagata (23:29)
4. “Winters White” from Earthbound by Keiichi Suzuki (31:10)
5. “New Days” from Persona 4 Golden by Shoji Meguro (41:04)
6. “Title” from Animal Crossing: City Folk by Kazumi Totaka (50:20)
7. “Snowball Park” from Super Mario 3D World by Koji Kondo (59:09)
8. “A Song For Eternal Story” from Phantasy Star Online by Hideaki Kobayashi (1:06:24)
9. “Bowling Game Finished” from Wii Sports by Kazumi Totaka (1:16:26)
10. “Buried in Snow” from Final Fantasy VII by Nobuo Uematsu (1:28:30)
11. “Phendrana Drifts” from Metroid Prime by Kenji Yamamoto (1:36:01)
12. “Green Garden” from Bomberman 64 by Akifumi Tada (1:54:31)
13. “Frosty Wheel” from Kirby’s Epic Yarn by Tomoya Tomita (2:02:47)
14. “Letter From You, My Sweet” from Mother 3 by Shogo Sakai (2:11:57)
15. “Snowflakes” from Persona 4 Golden by Shoji Meguro (vocals by Shihoko Hirata) (2:21:36)

And from all of us at Invisible Gamer: Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and safe holidays to you and yours. Enjoy the new games you get this year, but don’t forget to spend lots of time with the people who gave them to you, because holidays are meaningless without the people who love us.