Okay, so hey, we’re a little late on this, but you know what? Life happens. People get sick. Babies keep us awake for a year straight. And above all else: they keep making new video games! In fact, so many good video games came out in 2015 that we’d be lying if we said we weren’t a little overwhelmed by all of them.

The Order: 1886 was a video game that came out in 2015. Note we didn’t say it was a *good* video game.

In this miracle-that-it-happened podcast, host Austin Clark​ talks with the on-death’s-door Michael Burns, the so-gabe-it’s-good Gabe Gurwin​, and the always-on-fleek Jonah Ort​ about the year in gaming that was 2015. We’re not yet ready to reveal our top 10 games of 2015 list—that’s coming this Thursday!—but a few of those games made this discussion, as well as quite a few games that didn’t end up making the final cut. Confused? That’s okay… it’s just our way of saying 2015 was a damn good year in gaming.

Sit back, forgive the bordering-on-terrible audio quality, and enjoy our discussion on the games of 2015.

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